And the Lord Said, "Let there be Assault Rifles"

Everyone's been posting on the Oklahoma church that was planning to give away an assault rifle as a prize at a youth event. I guess I should take a swing. I actually think it's a great idea of outside of the box evangelistic thinking. Along similar lines, if the Promise Keepers would hold a Vegas rally with free prostitutes they'd be relevant again. Free Meth at New Life in Colorado Springs? Joel Osteen giving out a thousand free stolen Rolexes? I'd assume this is what Jesus meant with his command to St. Peter to "Feed my Sheep".

My favorite line from the video on the link above: "Our primary targets (ominous pause) are the young people".


Shayne Mathis said…
While watching that video I kept waiting for the youth pastor to say something along the lines of, "Well, we figure if them towel heads can train their children to kill us we can do the same."

That article/video left me pretty much speechless. I've been reading God's Politics by Jim Wallis this week and I was really starting to gain a more positive opinion about the direction religion is taking in this country. Then, WHAM, here come the crazy hillbillies to ruin it again.

I'm willing to bet that whole story about the pastor having foot problems is crap. It seems more likely that the church was flooded with angry protests and threats of legal action.

Why would a parent even let their kid go to an event like that anyway? I suspect they were getting nervous because "coloreds" where starting to move into their neighborhood. And, of course, the parent didn't make enough money announcing amateur wrestling matches at the VFW to afford one themselves.

There's something really wrong in this country.
wes said…
Speaking from past experience as a teen completely bored with church, and currently as an adult completely bored with church, I would totally go to a religious event if an AR-15 was up for grabs--which I'm assuming is the target rifle in question. Thats right, its a target rifle, not an assault rifle.

Rifle or no rifle, any youth shouldnt just be given a prize worth $800.
Tim Mathis said…
I mean really though, isn't 'assault' just when the 'target' is a person anyway?
Shayne Mathis said…
I'm probably being too hard on these guys. They're just scared of the day when the Bildaburgers and the evil Zionist shadow government form an alliance in order to enslave "Uhmurka." I know that thought keeps ME up at night.

(There was a joke here about teaching white children to shoot "brown people" but I thought this one was more tasteful.)

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