You wouldn't think less of me

What I discovered from the recently removed site-poll is that 13/14 of you would not think less of me if I become a priest. 9 of you answered straight "no"s, while 4 said "it would be impossible for me to think less of Tim" (You were only supposed to vote once Mom and Dad!) I was the only person who voted "yes". I realize that the poll is unscientific, and in fact "no" could in fact signify that you already think very lowly of me.

Whatever your impressions, the good news is that I found out that ordination carries very few social risks among my blog-reading faithful. The bad news is that everyone else might come to hate me should I become an Episcopal priest. Most other Christians may think I'm a heretic, and most non-Christians may think I'm one of "those" people. Now that we have that established, I can make a more informed decision.


Mike Croghan said…
I missed the poll (sorry), but I'm not sure how I would have voted. I might have needed to abstain due to confusion anyway, as I think you're already a priest.

wes said…
I voted twice.
Aaron said…
dude I didn't vote, but I wouldn't think less of you either. I'm in the same position as you appear to be: I'm either a "crazy liberal" or a "crazy Christian" depending on what party I'm at. I'm also fence-sitting with respect to entering the rollercoaster known as formal discernment. Ultimately, I'd be more concerned if you weren't feeling a tension. It's the priests who don't seem to see any tension that make me worry, because they're not standing in a marginal position. They're ultimately not trying to force people to embrace a different framework or challenge assumptions. They're just along for the paycheck and the ego trip. Maybe we should trade email addresses. Cheers -

Sally said…
I voted no.. surely anyone who would vote yes isn't really someone you really want involved in any way that's particularly important to your life? Surely anyone who would vote yes to thinking less of you for any given profession isn't worth putting to much of your close social energy (what on earth does that phrase mean?) into... except maybe if you became a stripper in which case you'd probably get a few 'yes' answers?... and except maybe if that person is yourself, because you don't have much choice about spending a lot of time with yourself. Wow, that was a confusing comment.
Anonymous said…
PS, by all means, become a stripper if you want.

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