Relatively Faithful Movie Review: Sex and the City

I went with Angel and our NZ friend Christie last night to see Sex and the City. While I was there, I realized that Sex and the City is to women as Star Wars is to former marching band members, right down to the waiting in line for hours for tickets, dressed up and pretending to be characters from the movie. In an act of protest and a spirit of civil disobedience, I went dressed as Darth Vader.


Anonymous said…
Ha! I had a conversation with my friends in line to get into SATC, about how everyone had got dressed up, the way people did waiting to get into Star Wars or Harry Potter, and we should've come as storm troopers or Quidditch players. It appears that the obvious parallels have been drawn across the globe.
[Mary] [P.S. Hope your Dunedinite is having fun!]
Shayne Mathis said…
You could have just dressed up like a heterosexual male. You would have stood out just as much a Darth Vader. [Rim Shot]
sally said…
You didn't technically review the movie Tim... I want to hear your thoughts about the content of being left at the alter, bikini waxing, shoes, adultery, fashionistas, token black woman and the other complex interwoven themes & motifs.

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