Hipster Christians

I have too much going on to blog: we have a friend flying in from New Zealand this afternoon, I need to shave and clean the house, I need to catch up from a week off work at Multifaith, I'm trying to goad myself into writing and enjoying it, and it's the end of year at youth group and I still don't have things appropriately planned out for our Summer kickoff party and Senior Banquet. Ay dios mio!

No worries though, because I somehow happened upon this blog post on hipster Christians that I really like. Christianity's trend towards the hipster-cool, I think, is a great phenomenon for we Christians and you athiests alike: both of us can tut-tut-tut that it's taking the world down the wrong path. For the Christians, it's a watering down of our very respectable faith. We're more than just a cool new "relevant" fad. The hipster Christian magazine, appropriately and apparently un-ironically titled Relevant has already come to the defense of the faith against spandex, retro-hoodies, and giant sunglasses that make one look totally '80s. Being hip (ster), Christians, is not enough. The irreligious, of course, can fret that Mark Driscoll and his cronies continue to trick impressionable young hipsters into oppressing women with their tight black jeans and skinny ties. (And everyone continues to hate Mark Driscoll...)

This sort of thing is why I find it so hard to take religion seriously for more than a few hours at a time. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want to.


Shayne Mathis said…
I wish someone would define what a "hipster" is. I've been accused of this on several occasions but I don't know what it even means. A few years ago I would have thought it meant I had a soul patch, wore a beret and played the bongos at coffee houses. These days it seems to imply that you dress and groom yourself in an ironic manner (i.e. ironic mustaches and ugly retro 80's cloths) and only listen to music approved by Pitchfork media. While I do like some of the music the elitists at Pitchfork like I also love heavy metal in a non-ironic fashion. I've never sported any ironic facial hair either although I had a sweet metal beard for the last two weeks until I shaved it off. Anyway, that's enough from me. I have to get back to work.
Anonymous said…
comoprozac said…
I found this blog buried somewhere in my Google Analytics. Thanks for stopping by, but next time leave a comment. I think you actually got what I was trying to say.