Hard journalism is dead

Why do Americans even bother questioning why the rest of the world thinks we're slack-jawed imbeciles? Seriously, is that was passes for news now? Does CNN really expect me to believe there was nothing AT ALL more news worthy than a grainy, dark video of Michael Jackson looking at a camera? I can't believe this is the field I want to be involved in.

Oh, here's a fun little fact: I applied at the paper that published this pile of poorly written nonsense but was rejected. I'm not sure if I should be depressed or relieved about that.


Tim Mathis said…
That's really amazing. Have you seen his website? My favorite page is this one where he outlines some equations that aliens sent him. The 5th one down is the best.

Couldn't they just have run a line in the scrolly thing at the bottom that said "Colorado schizophrenic thinks he sees aliens"?

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