Right now...

In case you're wondering (and I suspect that you are), right now I'm walking next door to our neighborhood Trader Joe's to make a snack of whatever they're giving away for free. Yesterday Angel saw the security at the store dragging a screaming woman out with an arm full of free samples. I'm next. After that we're going to a staff party at St. Margaret's (think lightly buzzed priests and retired people). Tomorrow it's a lay leader's breakfast at Church, a service at COTA, and I think dinner with my cousin and her fiance. Sunday is pretty much a free day. I just have to teach some kids a lesson, and then maybe a trip to Discovery Park. This weekend I'm also reading an academic treatise about David Sedaris. I like to think that there's nothing much more definitively me.

Important Update: Today's free sample was fish tacos, which I don't like so I didn't eat. I did get some free coffee, and therefore felt obligated to walk around pretending like I was shopping for a few minutes. Angel has no conscience when it comes to these things--just walks in for the free sample and then right back out. I wish I could do that. It would save me a few minutes a day.


Sally said…
I feel the need to say here that Angel's lack of concern for what others think has oft' been inspiration for me to go ahead and do many things over the years, free samples and otherwise.

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