religious oppression is all relative

This morning while I was in the shower it struck me that I'm finding religion stifling again.

It also struck me that the extent to which people (I) find religion stifling corresponds with the extent to which they (I) disagree, or are dissatisfied, with their (my) particular religion and feel obligated to maintain their (my) adherence to it.

Am I just being pissy, or is this organized religion thing really not working? Or maybe my problem is that I'm not a "joiner".


Anonymous said…
throw in a few expletives, and you sound like me.

oh hey, i actually went to some church gathering the other night. did you notice the shockwave throughout the galaxy?
Unknown said…
What was the gathering? I did hear some thunder claps followed by the voices of a thousand choirboys singing in Latin coming from a flaming crack that opened in the earth.
Mike Croghan said…
You're just pissy. Organized religion ROX.


Just kidding - I'm still cheerleading for DISorganized religion. :-D