Blog Walk: Capitol Hill to Discovery Park

Today has been the best weather day in Seattle all year--80's and sunny--so this morning I undertook perhaps my most ambitious Blog Walk yet: walking 7 miles from our place to Discovery Park in Magnolia, and then walking the 3 mile park loop at the end. All for you, anonymous internet readers, and I hope you appreciate it because my legs are now hair-covered sticks of pasty white jello. Craftily, I topped the three hour walk off with lunch at Dick's, which negated any positive physical benefit I might have gained from the process.

It really doesn't get much nicer in Seattle than it was today. We had stunning views of the Olympics from the Hill:
Seattle's newest major park investment, in South Lake Union, was generally deserted at 10 am on a Friday, but I did see a bunch of highly-evolved turtles braving the sewage and enjoying the sun:

(St. Mark's Cathedral from South Lake Union)

Hearty little fellas. Between South Lake Union and Fremont is a little houseboat community. Here's what a houseboat community looks like:

And here's what the front door to Magnolia looks like:
Discovery Park was stunning today with a great view of the Olympic Mountains:
Mt. Rainier is in the shot below. If you click to view the bigger version, you might be able to see it faintly towards the center of the screen. It does strange things, disappearing and reappearing.

Here's a picture I like. It's nice here on days like today:
Sometimes I post what i was thinking about while I was walking, to make this whole experience more (pretentious) than just me posting pictures on the internet of things I saw today. Instead of doing that, today I'm going to take a shower, because I'm sweaty. In other news, I've decided again not to be a priest. Probably I'll be a deacon. We'll see how many more times my decision changes.


Anonymous said…
see, its not so hard to post these. you should do it more often. its good for you to get some sun and exercise. i didnt think episcopals actually did anything...aside from arguing and pretending to get along.