Baby Gramps and Tommy Dean

I went to the Seattle Folklife Festival today. I really wanted to hate it-- hippies hula hooping and middle-aged white liberals with no rhythm or inhibitions dancing to Samba. You know, the usual.

However, the fact is, I really liked it. More specifically, I really liked the following two musicians:

Tommy Dean, who seems like he might be the kind of crazy genius that I so frequently find myself enamored with. He sang this absolutely brilliant song called, I think, "Look Up", which I can't find on the internet. (As far as I know he really just spends his time playing at the Pike Place Market, but I'd guess that he's going to get some underground country publicity.) Here's something different from him:

He played with Baby Gramps, who was also brilliant. Apparently people know about him already.


Anonymous said…
Tommy Dean's my hero