Hey lonely, unpopular, overweight teenagers...now there's a Bible just for you!

In Columbus there is a small free newspaper called "The Other Paper." Basically it's an arts/entertainment/politics paper that comes out every Thursday. I usually pick it up and give it a read every week so I can look at all the great concerts I'm not going to be able to go to. In the paper there's usually a section of "odd" stories from around the world. Last week featured an article about something called "The Manga Bible." If you aren't already aware, Manga are Japanese comic books that feature a very distinctive style of art. I'm sure you're familiar with the art style if you have even a passing knowledge of pop culture. Anyway, I thought for sure this story had to be a joke but I did some research and it's for real. You can take a look at the website here. Although the creator seems to be taking it seriously it's pretty funny. Aside from transforming Jesus into a Yojimbo style wandering samurai-looking fellow he also "hipped" up the dialogue by using contemporary American slang as well as weird ass British slang.

If you check the website out you can see some of the other stuff the creator has gotten himself into. Apparently he's also trying to become an Anglican priest. At one point he mentions he was a founding member of Black Box...which would have been awesome if he had of meant THIS Black Box. Instead, it's some club for British Christian comic artists...pfft.

Anyway, there's no real reason for me posting this information. I just thought it was funny. Here's a video of some guy teaching you how to win in a bar fight. Cheers!



Tim Mathis said…

That post title is so politically dangerous for the youth minister in this relationship... :)
wes said…
stab the liver. heel to the balls. got it.
Tim Mathis said…
This sort of thing, I think, would be culturally interesting if you didn't get the feel that it was just another cheap attempt to get teenagers to 'commit their lives to Christ'. Not that cheap attempts to get teenagers to commit their lives to Christ aren't culturally interesting.

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