A-hoy-hoy all. My name is Shayne and I'm Tim's older and vastly less intelligent brother. Tim invited me to contribute to this blog as part of some bizarre scheme of his to dominate something called "the Blogosphere." I'm not really sure what he was talking about but I think the Blogosphere is like Thunderdome from the third Mad Max movie. Anyway, Tim thought it would be boss if I started posting blogs on his site; he thinks I can bring something "funky-fresh" to the cyber-table. (He actually said "funky-fresh" too, that's how I knew this was important to him. He doesn't talk like an early 90's rapper unless he's really excited about something!)

To be honest though, I think this should be really interesting. While Tim and I DO have a lot in common there are still many things about us that are different. For example, Tim is dedicating his life to the church and I'm agnostic bordering on being an atheist, I'm married to the sea while he's married to Angel and he likes mashed potatoes while I have an insatiable hunger for pornography. It's fortunate that, despite these differences, we've still been able to maintain a strong bond due largely in part to our shared hatred of minorities and ethnic types. (Okay, calm down. Neither of us really hate minorities or ethnic types.)

I really am happy to be here though. And I promise to do my best to not drag Tim's good cyber-name through the mud. I don't want to wind up being the Roger Clinton to Tim's Bill. Hopefully my nonsensical banter and bile-filled ranting will prove to be a welcome counterpart to Tim's well thought out and scholarly writing style...it probably won't though.

Smell ya later chumps,



Unknown said…
Awwwwwww Yeaaaahhhh Boyeeeeeee! Fresh!
Anonymous said…
yet another shameless publicity scheme. you've already proven we have nothing to learn from anglicans; how are we supposed to learn anything from a sprouting athiest?
ahh, i see the point already. all human knowledge is moonshine, no matter the source.

look timmy--he spells his name with a 'y'. how cute.

so do you both have the same mother, or same father? i'll bet you have the same mother, different fathers. any sisters we dont know about?
Unknown said…
Good to see you're still going for the throat, Wes.

Apologies for not introducing you. Shayne, this is Wes, Asbury Grad, the blog's most faithful reader, and resident iconoclast and Debbie Downer :(. He enjoys long walks on the beach, smooth jazz, and winding people up.

Anonymous said…
that tim, he's so hip hop!

this sounds fun.

i await your faith infected infighting