For those of you who aren't aware, I'm able to blog on a Monday morning because I've finally freed myself of the shackles of the warehouse job, due to some unforeseen financial improvements.

Last Monday, while in the warehouse, I was noting the Zen of picking and packing bottles, and the way in which I was able to reflect on life as I went about my 8 hours of mindless work, convincing myself of the value of my time there. I was even questioning whether I might try to keep the job come summer, when I had planned on having the opportunity to leave, because of the positive emotional benefits. Then, on Tuesday, I learned that my pay was being increased at both of my other jobs. It took me less than a second to decide to quit at bottletown. The Zen of 38 hours a week of employment far outweighs the Zen of 50.

I feel like I should write some sort of tribute to my 2.5 years in a warehouse, the camaraderie, the things I learned about life, etc. Right now, I'm just relieved to not have to go back to grunt work and a general feeling of worthlessness. Bear that in mind, all you who romanticize the blue collar lives of working men and women.


Unknown said…
TIM! congrats. i'm riding that train too. keep in touch and maybe we could have a normal conversation in the near future.