Busy week

Phew. It's been a busy week. I interviewed for a job last Thursday at Multifaith Works, a local AIDS organization. On Friday night we got a call that Angel's grandmother was dying, so Angel flew out on Saturday morning. I did my normal work stuff until Tuesday, when I got a call that I'd gotten the job at Multifaith. I picked Angel up from the airport on her return trip back, then went to work the next day. On Thursday I left for a staff retreat with Multifaith, which was great, but emotionally exhausting. Now Angel and I are catching up before a week of work. Next weekend I take a group of youth on a ski retreat to Lake Chelan, in the Cascades. Then I'll cut back my hours at Specialty Bottle and start formally as "Careteam Coordinator" at Multifaith, thus beginning my life with three jobs. Things should level out after that. Psych!

Here's a picture of Lake Chelan: