One more post for the day...

Youth Ministry types, here's a great article on postmodern/emerging church youth ministry.

In other news, this is undoubtedly the worst sports year ever for me: a year of truly hope-crushing proportions. 4 major Ohio teams humiliated in championship games. Seahawks failure in the playoffs. Bengals collapse in the regular season due to character issues. All Blacks surprisingly upset in the Rugby World Cup. Chicago Bulls failing to live up to potential. Seattle Supersonics preparing to become Oklahoma City Carpetbaggers. I'm just looking forward to 2008, when I'll have lost all interest in sports, having moved on to Star Wars or something.

(Oh, and PS--the thing I love about blogs is that you can update them after the fact, making it appear as if you said something earlier than you did. I could go back into history and predict, for instance, the Cavaliers loss in the Finals, if I wanted to. I don't though, really.)