New U2 Song

So, this video is starting to circulate on the internet, and I found it on a New Zealand friend's blog:

I have to admit that I love u2. They were one of the earliest bands I remember liking (along with Billy Joel, Genesis, Tom Petty and Europe), and they've been my favorite band since Achtung Baby. The Superdome version of "The Saints are Coming" still gives me chills when I hear it. In a lot of circles, that's fine--in New Zealand it seemed like they were everyone's favorite band, and they're probably the most popular source of religious music in emerging church circles. However, in hipster Seattle, liking u2 has to be treated as a guilty pleasure, akin to liking Billy Joel or Celine Dion or something. Also, among the teenagers who are even aware of the band, it seems that Bono's usually seen as a blustery do-gooder, so few in my youth group share my appreciation.

It is true that Bono can be a giant, over-dramatic goofball (as the video witnesses), his lyrics can be cheesy, and a lot of church people act like he's some kind of modern Jesus because he sings about God and throws his weight around to try to help out the poor. You also do have to admit that he really is a blustery do-gooder. But there are worse things you could be. In terms of religious music and lyricism, you can do a lot worse--see virtually the entire "Christian Music" industry for example.

The point is, I hope you like the new song on the video. I'm excited for the re-release of Joshua Tree, (even though I will probably get it from the library rather than buying it) because it's the greatest album of all time, I say! Naysayers be damned!