I am Both a Christian and a Muslim

The discussion around Ann Redding continues among online Episcopalians on facebook


wes said…
An evangelical missionary friend of mine asked me why i consider myself a non-evangelical...i've never really had to give that any organized thought, but so far so good. anyway, that leads me to ask you if you've run across any interesting books concerning epistemology and religion. (this is a blatant attempt to hijack conversation on this ridiculous christo-muslim snafu)
Oh boy. While I think its fine bring in multiple faith traditions in your own personal practice, I just dont think its possible to be both a priest, a leader in a faith community, and Muslim. While both Christianity and Islam share a common tradition their ultimate spiritual conclusions are contradictory.

Of course, is this any different than priest who might practice Buddhist mediation?
Tim Mathis said…
Hmm. Good books on Epistemology and religion. The ones that I've liked have had to do with science and religion. John Polkinghorne, an Anglican priest and physicist has written several books I like. I can't remember the names. Thomas Torrance has written some good stuff as well. Search either of those names on amazon and you'll find books I like.

Also, Michael Polanyi was a pioneer in the Epistemology that I like--critical realism--but he wrote on science
tim said…
Oh yeah, "reason and reality" is the name of the polkinghorne book I like, but he covers epistemology in a lot of his books.

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