I spent the weekend at HYC--our Diocese's High School Youth Conference, also known as a happy reminder to adults why it's good that you aren't a teenager anymore. Not that I had a bad time. It was fun. I'm just glad I don't deal with that level of drama or emotion anymore. I mean, honestly, sheesh. Today's Wednesday, which should put me out of the range of days when I should be reporting on the weekend, but I haven't really had a chance to stop going since then, what with all the bottles to be boxed and all the emails to be answered.

In other news, tomorrow night I've got the first meeting with my "PDC", or Personal Discernment Committee at St. Mark's. That means that I'm taking the next step towards ordination, or lack thereof. I'll try to let you know how that goes. To this point, the process of discernment has been a kind of slow, sometimes meaningless trundle. Sometimes pleasant, usually not overtly painful, but often maddening. Like many typical church experiences, actually. This step feels relatively significant, because it's when my discernment process "goes public", in a friend's words--now more than just priests are involved. Making it seem more serious, that of course also heightens the potential for future humiliation, should the committee discover something that leads them to reject me. I've been pretty open about this whole process though, at least in cyberspace, so there's not really much to expose, at least to you, the internet. You have to get used to public humiliation as a youth minister anyway, so I'm not worried about my pride. (I also figure that I can always be a pastor at the International Church of the Web should the ECUSA not work out.)

Tomorrow it's back to bottles, but then I get to take another exciting blog walk/urban camino/meaningless trundle. I'm not sure where I'm going. I bet you can't wait to see!