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Angel has to submit a profile for her Master's in Public Health program, so I typed up some samples for her. (She made me say that they don't reflect anything about her, actually).

Angel Mathis is pursuing her MPH concurrently with her Master’s in Nursing, with the intention of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner upon graduation. She enjoys travel, and has had the opportunity to live and practice as an RN in a variety of locations, including Kentucky, New Zealand, the Australian Outback, and the Aceh province of Indonesia following the Boxing Day Tsunami. She is currently employed as a Pulmonary Thoracic nurse at Virginia Mason, and volunteers regularly with various church and community organizations.

Angel Mathis is a blond haired, blue eyed babe. She has a razor sharp wit, and a winning smile, and is constantly propositioned by rich and successful males. She chose to “marry down” however, because she is selfless to the point that she incorporates altruism even into her most personal relationships. (Her husband Tim is a failed customer service agent, and is widely recognized as quite homely). She is pursuing both her MPH and Her Master’s in Nursing, not only due to her innate love of knowledge, but also because she realizes that America needs her to save it’s healthcare system.

Angel Mathis hates this assignment, so she made her husband do it for her. She thinks it is essentially a waste of time, akin to the “busy work” assigned by elementary school teachers who can’t figure out what to do with the last 5 minutes before lunch. (She’s still waiting for her milk box and cookie, by the way.) Although the MPH program at the UW is below her, as someone of a keen and world-class intellect, she has decided to patronize the instructors by playing along with their little games long enough to receive this silly degree.

Angel Mathis just loves public health! The thought of organizing health policy so that our “disadvantaged” friends will be able to access affordable coverage makes her simply drool with excitement! She thinks that those baddies in Washington should go sit on a tack, and when they do, she’ll deny them treatment just to teach them a lesson! But seriously, once she finishes her MPH, she wants to start a health foundation that will raise enough money selling healthy cookies to feed and cloth all of the impoverished children of Africa!

Angel Mathis enjoys a warm fire, good wine, and long walks on the beach (call her cliché, she doesn’t mind!) She’s looking for an intelligent, handsome degree with high earning potential, and the capacity to understand important ideas and carry on pleasant dinner conversation. She’s tired of messing around with Bachelor’s (degrees) that aren’t willing to commit, and can’t support her and her family. This is her first time trying internet dating, er, studying.

My name’s Angel Mathis and I’m here to say,
I love Public Health in a major way.
I’m sick of hearin’ the man talkin’ smack—
“You can’t have healthcare”, man that’s whack!
I’m gonna study hard and I’m gonna learn right,
Any suckas in my way best be ready for a fight!


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