The type of music I like

Afghan Whigs--High School hometown Ohio favorites
U2--favorite since 7th grade
Sinead O'Connor--cool voice, needs to lighten up, very spiritual.
Sufjian Stephens-sp? Wes Anderson Music
Bruce Springsteen-The Boss had a bad decade or two, but has really come around since "The Rising"
Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death--mellow friend's depressed noise band
Ladysmith Black Mambazo--I'm very cultured music.
Paul Simon--Small old man music
Cave Singers--old timey
Nick Cave--Australia's best ever.
Twilight Singers--Afghan Whigs redux
Warren Zevon--crazy genius
Murder City Devils--mellow friend's raucous drinking band
Split Enz--NZ's best, which unfortunately isn't saying that much. underrated new wave music
Crowded House--ditto, although they are somehow "Australian" despite the Finn lineage.
Jay-Z--I'm very street, in a middle class white kind of way
Allison Krauss--Kentucky music
Dido--Wife music
The Pogues--the only proper drinking songs are Irish drinking songs.
Johnny Cash--talked like my Papaw
Tom Petty--childhood favorite--got greatest hits for Christmas from my parents in Disneyworld at age 8
16 Horsepower--old timey
R.E.M.--end of the world as we know it changed my life when i was in jr. high
Kanye West--not a likeable person
The Streets--British humour rap
B.B. King--Blues music
The Clash--filler music at work
Leonard Cohen--hit or miss
The Cranberries--nice pipes
Powderfinger--underrated Australian rock
Modest Mouse--on coke?
Genesis--they seem to have that invisible touch