The height of popularity for Specialty Bottle

I posted a while back on my part-time employer, Specialty Bottle, and it's immense impact on the Seattle music scene. For those of you interested (no one?), I found out another bit of musical arcana involving the Bottle Shop that I would like the world (6 people who read this) to know. During the Murder City Devils brief two-day reunion in August 2006, the band played a show in Seattle at the Showbox, a club relatively equivalent to whatever club in your city hosts the major indie rock shows. Immediately prior to the song "Fields of Fire", Spencer, the singer, gave us a shout out--"This one's for Bottle Town". That's right--Specialty Bottle. In fact, we were the only song dedication during the show, from what I can tell. (If you need evidence, they've posted the whole show on their website. The dedication is on the end of the track immediately prior to "Fields of Fire"). I would guess that we're the bottle warehouse most loved by America's greatest musicians. As a side note, none of us were at the show at the time, except for Joel Cuplin, who was sloshed. Everyone else from work who was there drank too much and left before the MCD's played.

As an update, one of our former members, Yuuki Matthews, is now playing with fancy-pants Sufjan Stevens, and The MCD's are playing at least one more show in Austin. The rest of us are still blown out.


Douglass said…
dude can you get me a discount on some bottles? i'm thinking about brewing my own lager in our guest bathroom's bathtub. i must admit how unoriginal i am. i stole the idea from an episode of drew carey i watched when i should have been studying or something in college.

aw man the joys of working a part- time warehouse job. during seminary i worked the 3am-8am shift at UPS in lexington. it was sweet! but as far as i know no cool band has ever given UPS or package delivery or cardboard a shoutout from stage, so you should feel special.

anyway. take care man, i enjoy readin' ya bloggin'.

Unknown said…
I can get you a discount. It's like 40% on the product at We don't have been bottles per se, but we've got stuff that would work.

That schedule at UPS sounds brutal. What are you doing these days?
Yuuki said…
tim! this is awesome. even though i'm playing with "fancy pants" that doesn't prevent me from taking a nasty fall ice skating and giving myself a cerebral contusion! no joke! that's where i'm at.
Unknown said…
Hey Yuuki,

Sorry to hear about the ice skating accident.