The Discipline of Getting Over Yourself

Interesting thought coming out of Spiritual Direction yesterday (a discipline I started b/c it's required in the discernment process, but am quite enjoying). It's good marketing for religion to suggest that "Jesus is the answer", but ultimately that's not quite true--Jesus probably isn't that answer to most of your questions, exactly. Rather, the truth is that the point of faith is to help you get over the problems, and to make the questions obsolete. Corporate faith, such as Catholicism or Anglicanism, and I think also Islam, is about submitting yourself to a set of disciplines, not necessarily so that God will answer your questions, but so that you'll see God. The idea is that ultimately religion gives you insight into truth and reality, and in becoming part of the corpus, your individual problems become less problematic. It's the lesson of Job, I think--the questions we ask, though legitimate, aren't usually answered, but God's presence renders those questions unnecessary. Ultimately, I think that's what we're longing for anyway.

Tomorrow, barring really bad weather, I'm going to walk to Fremont.