Unprecedented levels of traffic

My post on Asbury has generated more hits than any other of my previous posts, which leads me to believe that I'm now both famous and controversial. Kind of like a modern Dennis Rodman or Liberace or something.

Okay, I know what you're saying: "I know Liberace, and Tim, you're no Liberace!" You're probably right I guess. 15 hits a day does not one Liberace make. You do gotta admit that there are similarities though (especially when you click on his photo and get an up-close of the leg hair on that guy!)


Anonymous said…
I don't think you're controversial at all. I think you hit a nerve with a lot of us Asbury refugees. You gave voice to thoughts and feelings we all dealt with and yet perhaps never articulated so well. Personally, I'm still haunted by my time there, and I was glad to read that I'm not the only one.
Unknown said…
Thanks Lujza. I know there are a lot of Asbury refugees out there, and Christian College refugees in general--especially of the GLBT type. I'm extremely frustrated with American Christian culture in a lot of ways, and I project a lot of that onto Asbury (fairly or not), b/c it is the place where so much of my conception of American Evangelicalism was formed. I'm not really one to talk, b/c I fit the Asbury mold the whole time I was there, and participated in a lot of what I now don't like, but that's part of my problem--I feel humiliated by who I was, and misled by the religion that I was raised with, even though I still hold to some aspects of it.