Specialty Bottle's Contribution to the Seattle Music Scene

So, I'm killing a little time waiting for my laundry to dry, so I've compiled a list of stories and sites (primarily from "The Stranger"--Seattle's self-consciously grungy weekly magazine) about the "Seattle Music Scene", all involving employees or former employees of Specialty Bottle--one of my current employers. Probably few people outside of Specialty Bottle will give a crap, but you have to be impressed by the connection between our dirty little warehouse and the dirty little music scene that Seattle scenesters are so proud of.

Matt Fuller


Elder Mason

Spencer Moody, Spencer Moody, Spencer Moody (there are too many more of these to bother with)

Joel Cuplin, (I think his name's) Joel (see Wed., June 28th (sic?)).

Yuuki Matthews and Ryan Phillips (not named in article), Yuuki Matthews (under review of band Seldom)

Jeff Matz, Jeff Matz (there are a lot more of these too)

Rachel Flotard, Rachel Flotard (lots more again)

Jay Bradley (great review here!)

John Schirmer

B. Brown

Tim Mathis

I could go on, b/c there are more. All of this goes to prove one thing though--there's no money in the Seattle indie music scene.


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america's got talent