I think this Internet Profile suggests that I may have begun a drift towards eccentricity.

Name: Timothy Mathis
Age: 27
Occupation: Youth Minister/Warehouse Employee/Customer Service Representative
Status: Married
Education: B.A. in Fundamentalist Bible, M.Theol in Theology of the environment
Religion: Episcopalian
Career goal: Anglican Priest
Interests: Reading, walking, travel, blogging, thinking, spending meaningful time with people who make me uncomfortable, reading about sports on the internet
Car: 1987 Toyota Corolla
Music: U2, Old punk rock, Sinead O'Connor, Warren Zevon, Split Enz, Ladysmith Black
Mambazo, music by people I know.
Books: Bill Bryson, Mark Twain, religious, travel, science, politics, history
Hometown: Camden, Ohio, then Wilmore, KY, then Louisville, KY, then Dunedin, NZ, now Seattle, WA.
Friends: Old women, gay people, teenagers, youth pastors, alcoholics, priests, any combination thereof.