Intro to the Reposting of my Spiritual Autobiography (for Mike and Others)

So, I've being transferred to a new mentoring priest, and they'll need to read up on my spiritual autobiography. As such, I have reposted the series of blogs I originally posted on MySpace, so they can be easily accessed. The easiest way to follow that thread will be to follow the "Blog Archive" for the month of May, located on the right hand side of the screen. Start by clicking on "Autobiography Chapter 1" located near the bottom of the archive, and move up through the posts, in reverse order, as you read (i.e., read "Building a Testimony" second, "Conversion and Confusion" third, and so on). The format is a bit hard to read, b/c my original paragraph spacing didn't transfer properly, but it should be all there. It's quite long, but I like to write, and I think it gives you a good feel for who I am and where I've come from.

The Blog entitled "Thank God, Another Blog" might serve as a good introduction to where I am at this stage of my discernment process, and a good preface to the spiritual autobiography. Have fun!